Masseria Alto Salento, Lizzano, Puglia, Italy

$13,500,000 USD



The Masseria was inaugurated as a restaurant-hotel facility in 2010, following a renovation process lasting about 5 years. Located in a district a few steps from the sea, the original structure was a farmstead with the first records dating back to the late 17th century and was operational for many decades. The current owners decided to transform it into a hospitality facility, preserving its original form while adapting it to the times and the desires of the contemporary tourist clientele.

The project's idea was to keep the historic building intact in its parts, transforming the spaces that were once used for farming work and living into functional areas for accommodation. The old animal shelters, called "suppenne," have become Deluxe rooms and Suites; the old warehouses are now a Wellness Center and Restaurant; the oldest structure, the "pagliara," has been transformed into a prestigious Cellar. Despite the modernization, the Masseria has never abandoned its past, and the owners have not altered the sense and identity of this place, guiding the renovation in a direction of modernity and functionality.

The Masseria has a central body with an elegant restaurant, and the rooms are arranged in an amphitheater around the large swimming pool. Additionally, there is an ancient structure called "paiara," where a charming cellar has been built.

Here is a description of the various types of rooms offered by the Masseria:

  1. DELUXE Room:

    • Spacious room with an entrance and private solarium.
    • "Queen Size" bed (180 x 200 cm).
    • Desk, minibar, 26" LCD TV, internet connection.
    • Bathroom with sink, shower, and amenities. Accommodates 2 people.

    • Barrel vault ceiling in tuff, external patio.
    • "Queen Size" bed (180 x 200 cm), possibility of an additional bed.
    • Desk, minibar, 26" LCD TV, internet connection.
    • Bathroom with sink, shower, and amenities.

    • Some with a private terrace and panoramic view.
    • Desk, minibar, 26" LCD TV, internet connection.
    • Bathroom with sink, shower, and amenities.

    • Entrance with 2 private solariums, elegantly furnished living area.
    • "Queen Size" bed (180 x 200 cm), minibar, 26" LCD TV.
    • Bathroom with sink, shower, and amenities.

    • The most exclusive room with direct access to the living area.
    • Two "Queen Size" double bedrooms (180 x 200 cm).
    • Minibar, kettle, 26" LCD TV, bathroom with sink, bathtub, and shower.

    • Located in front of the Cellar, spacious but without an external courtyard like the Deluxe rooms. A room carved into the oldest part of the Masseria.

    • The Historical room comes to life in an ancient "pagliara" thanks to the sensitivity and skill of various architects who integrated environmental and design logics with a highly original interpretation of the place's personality and history.
    • 18 square meters of internal space, equipped with major comforts, an external private grass area (approximately 50 square meters), and furnished with a living area and a solarium to enjoy the mild climate of our area and breathe the sea air mixed with the air of nature. Complete with a "Queen Size" bed (180 x 200 cm), minibar, LCD TV with satellite channels, internet connection, wardrobe, and digital safe.

    • Located on the first floor of the Masseria with a view of the surrounding countryside.
    • 46 square meters of internal space, with a large TV and air conditioning ("Queen Size" bed of 180 x 200 cm, minibar, LCD TV with satellite channels, internet connection, wardrobe, and digital safe).

The Masseria's rooms total 15 currently.

Some surface areas:

  • Coverage area of housing units: 3780.00 sqm
  • Coverage area of the bar-restaurant and porch: 347.70 sqm
  • Pool area: 170.00 sqm
  • External pool area: 1420.00 sqm
  • Sports fields area: 2144.00 sqm
  • Parking area: 1253.00 sqm
  • Walkways area: 8500.00 sqm
  • Green area: 14513.00 sqm
  • Public area: 6000.00 sqm
  • Vehicle path area: 5500.00 sqm

To enhance the well-being and relaxation experience, there is a fantastic private terrace of 50 square meters with a living area and seating.

The property is surrounded by 40 hectares of land and is only 2 km from the sea.

A project has been approved to build another 60 rooms for a total of 44,200 sqm. The project takes into account authorizations, concessions, European and regional contributions.

This is a rapidly expanding area, destined to become a tourist attraction due to the beautiful beaches, crystal-clear sea of Salento, and significant investments nearby for the construction of 18-hole golf courses and luxury resorts.

The beaches near the Masseria stretch along the Salento coastline for many kilometers, featuring beautiful sandy beaches, characterized by a coastline almost always very wide and long, all bordered by dune systems of such integrity that they have been designated as environmental heritage by UNESCO. Sandy shores alternate with stretches of cliffs and Mediterranean scrub dunes of no less suggestion.

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